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Forgot your User ID (Water Right ID) or Password (Reporting Identifier)? Send an email to ewrims@waterboards.ca.gov

Welcome to the
Electronic Water Rights Management System (eWRIMS)
Report Management System (RMS)

eWRIMS RMS is a user account and password protected system, and a valid User ID and Password is needed to access the system. To manage reports for a water right record, you will need the Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier for the water right record. The Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier for your water right record should be included in previous correspondence received from the State Water Board.

Login Options:

  • Login with Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier: This method can be used if you would like to log in to each individual water use report. This method is most frequently used if you only have one report due.

    • User ID: Enter the Water Right ID for your water right record as the User ID.
    • Password: Enter the Reporting Identifier for your water right record as the Password. Note: Reporting Identifiers are always six characters, which may require you to add leading zeros (i.e. "012345" or "006789").
  • Access multiple Water Rights using 1 unifying User ID and Password: This method will allow you to use the same User ID (email) and Password to complete all of your water right reporting requirements.

    • New Users: Connect multiple water rights here. You will need the Water Right IDs (e.g, A012345) and the Reporting Identifiers associated with your water right records. You may find these Additional Instructions useful.
    • Existing Users: Login using your User ID (email address) and Password.
    • Forget your multiple Water Rights unifying Password? Reset Password

If you have any questions or need assistance completing your report, please visit the eWRIMS Help Center or call the Division of Water Rights. Staff are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. to assist you:

  • Call (916) 323-9393 for the following water right records:
    • Permit or License (Water Right ID begins with ‘A’)
    • Registration (Water Right ID begins with ‘D’, ‘H’ or ‘L’)
    • Groundwater Recordation (Water Right ID begins with ‘G’)
  • Call (916) 445-2812 for the following water right records:
    • Statement (Water Right ID begins with ‘S’)
    • Stockpond Certificate (Water Right ID begins with ‘C’)
    • Federal Filing (Water Right ID begins with ‘F’)

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