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The COVID-19 emergency has resulted in Division of Water Rights staff working remotely from home. If you need assistance filing your online report, the best method for obtaining assistance will be via email at rms@waterboards.ca.gov. You may still call the phone message line at 916-341-5431, however, response times may be up to 5-7 business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Welcome to the
Electronic Water Rights Management System (eWRIMS)
Report Management System (RMS)

eWRIMS RMS is a user account and password protected system. A valid User ID and Password is needed to access the system. To manage reports for a water right record, you will need the Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier for the water right record. The Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier for your water right record should be included in previous correspondence received from the State Water Board.

Login Options:

Video- Reporting Login Instructions

  • Login with Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier: Letters contained in your Water Right ID or Reporting Identifier need to be capitalized in the login fields. Water Rights ID's usually start with a letter followed by six numbers. Reporting Identifiers are six numbers, letters, or a mix of both.
  • Access Multiple Water Rights using an email as your User ID and Password: This method will allow you to use the same User ID (email) and Password to complete all of your water right reporting requirements for those with multiple Water Rights to manage.
  • New Multiple Water Rights Users: Connect multiple water rights here. You will need the Water Right IDs (e.g. A012345) and the Reporting Identifiers associated with your water right records.
  • If you set up an email account and forgot your password: Reset Password

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